100% Natural Biocide Range

LabImagine achieving chemical performance but with a natural, certified organic product. The OPTSAN® 100% Natural Range will be presented as a viable alternative to chemical based products, for use in the professional hygiene sector.

All products are tested to the same EN standards and have in most cases exceeded the efficacy of chemical products. All are safe for use in and direclty on food preparation areas. The range will be subject to the same ongoing comprehensive OPTSAN® testing regime to ensure efficacy against all known harmful bacteria and viruses, including resistant strains.

We have been contacted by many companies with strong Environmental Policy. OPTSAN® is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of products on the environment. With the 100% Natural Range, we can underpin your company's Environmental Policy in the professional hygiene environment.

Should you or your orgnisation have interest in the OPTSAN® 100% Natural Biocide Range as ready to use products, bulk supply or as an active component, please do not hesiate to contact us now in order that we may include you in this year's objectives.